The story of why I launched droppedcoin goes all the way back to my youth. I should have been one of the original dot-com millionaires. But being born in the early eighties, I just missed the tail-end of Generation X and so was slightly too young to make the cut.

Instead I (mis-)spent my youth doing various low level hacks on an Apple Power Macintosh. Perhaps the peak of my hacker career came when I tricked Actua Soccer into loading on my measly 8mb of RAM. For anyone interested, I did this by locating and editing the exact portion of the Hex pertaining to memory requirements.

Apple Power Macintosh Performa 6300
Apple Power Mac – your smartphone contains more RAM! (Photo:Danamania)

By the time I came of age and went to university to study computer science in ’99, the dot-com bubble was just about to burst. After a couple of dismal semesters I flunked out of my studies and ended up re-thinking my path in life. I eventually obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and became a Drilling Engineer.

While I may have missed my original calling, I do still possess a natural gift for working with technology. Yet nowadays I seem to fritter away most of my spare time wikisurfing, feeding my facebook addiction, or consuming a never-ending stream of online news.

Therefore in a sincere effort to improve my productivity, I put down my smartphone and took up my metaphorical online pen.

Digital consumption can get out of hand
Digital consumption can get out of hand

So Why Personal Finance?

I believe it is important to stay true to yourself when writing. I doubt that many readers are interested in the nuances of drilling engineering. Fortunately I do have other interests as well, one of which is personal finance.

You see, growing up during the dot-com stock market bubble I used to think money grew on trees. I had no idea about personal finance. When I first left home the banks thrust themselves upon me offering interest-free overdrafts of several thousand pounds. In those pre-Great Recession days they awarded me shiny credit cards with sky-high limits. Before I knew it I was up to my neck in crippling debt. And I had no idea of how or when or even IF I would ever escape it.

But the good news is that I did escape it. It took several years of hard work and effort but by 2010 I had cleared debt totaling perhaps £60,000 (approx. $100,000 at the time). I paid my bills and I vowed that I would never repeat those mistakes.

So droppedcoin is the means by which I will hold myself accountable to that commitment, and at the same time I can share the journey with anyone who may be interested.

droppedcoin is a Labor of Love

droppedcoin is definitely starting more as a labor of love than a means of creating an income stream. If I manage to pick up an audience along the way, then I will be delighted to have been able to help people but it is not the primary objective.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below!


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