Book Review: Think and Grow Rich


First published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich is a masterful collection of the definitive ‘laws of success’. Over 100 million copies of Napoleon Hill’s book have been sold. That puts it in the exalted company of such books as the Bible, Don Quixote, The Little Prince, and The Hobbit as one of the most successful books ever written.

Napoleon Hill may not have invented the secrets of success but he did organize them into a cogent and concisely expressed philosophy. The traits highlighted in the book can be found in leaders in every field today. Indeed, Hill states that the principles were inspired by the great Andrew Carnegie. In fact the book lists hundreds of contemporaries who followed the same formula of success.

The Starting Point of All Achievement Is Desire

[Think and Grow Rich] is an encyclopedia of success that ought to be read, re-read, learned and re-learned time after time until it is ingrained in the very fabric of your soul.

This book is not something you can read through once and expect it to change your life. It can certainly have that effect on some, such is it’s power. But in fact it is more of an encyclopedia of success that ought to be read, re-read, learned and re-learned time after time until it is ingrained in the very fabric of your soul.

Step Toward Riches

Hill’s book is structured into multiple ‘steps toward riches’. The reader is taken through the philosophy step by step with real examples and anecdote’s from Napoleon Hill’s peers. While the references may now be dated, the examples have stood the test of time – from Carnegie to Henry Ford.

Think! And Grow Rich!

What is striking is the simplicity of the laws of success. The reader must truly desire his or her objective for success. He/she must understand the true power of thought, and use that thought to bring about a physical realization of his/her desire. These are the founding blocks upon which our own personal success must be built. But if you are rolling your eyes when reading this review, well then you are simply not ready and perhaps never will be. Just remember that, in Hill’s words, “no more effort is required to aim high in life… …than is required to accept misery and poverty”.

This Book Can Change Your Life

Think and Grow Rich can legitimately change your life but it is not some shady get-rich-quick scheme. As Napoleon Hill says repeatedly, the philosophy is only for those who are ready. In practice this means that to get anything from this book it must be read with an open, accepting and willing mindset.

It is impossible to overplay the significance of Think and Grow Rich. Anyone who has any ambition in life will benefit from reading this book. The magic contained within its ~200 pages is as close to sorcery as we are ever likely to get. In case you were still in any doubt, I rate this book a perfect 5 stars out of 5. Buy it. Read it. Read it again. And I wager you will never get a better return for your money on any other purchase you ever make. Think and Grow Rich is available on Amazon here.


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