droppedcoin Blog Ranking 2016

Blog Ranking

Inspired by TJ Pridonoff, I will periodically publish the blog ranking data for droppedcoin. As of today the site has only been going for around 2 months so it should be interesting to revisit this next year!

Blog Data

  • Blog posts: 28
  • Comments: 62
  • Total users: 890
  • Number of sessions: 1570
  • Total page views: 3973
  • Bounce rate: 52.87% (Could be better…)

Search Traffic

  • Impressions on Google search results: 114
  • Average Google search result position:33.3
    • I need this to improve, to get on the all-important search results page 1!
Google Search Analytics
And the top 10 keywords leading to droppedcoin.com are…

External Ranking


  • Initial Alexa ranking for droppedcoin: 16,543,657 globally
  • Latest global ranking: 1,749,739
  • Latest US ranking: 396,557
Alexa counts 12 linkbacks from other sites to droppedcoin.com

Some people say that the Alexa ranking is a waste of time. They may be right, but I enjoy watching droppedcoin climb for now!


  • Klout score: 42.31
  • Highest Klout score in 2016: 44.71

Modest Money

Blog ranking on MM top blog list: 584


Social Media


@dcoinofficial has 97 followers. I’ll hit three figures before Christmas!

  • I have tweeted 121 times
  • My tweets have made 13,999 impressions


droppedcoin has 89 likes.

  • 12,002 total reach since inception
    • Only 6016 of this was organic – I experimented with some Facebook marketing
  • 407 post likes
Facebook Analytics
A lot of likes, and a little love…


droppedcoin has 45 followers. Pinterest has a lot of potential and I need to pay more attention to it!

  • I have 23 pins
  • I recently started producing graphics specifically for Pinterest to accompany my posts, for example:
An example of the Pinterest-ready graphics I have started creating


@droppedcoinofficial has 6 followers. I’m not sure this is the correct medium for a Personal Finance blog!


The droppedcoin YouTube channel has 0 subscribers! I have only added 1 video of my own, but watch this space. Follow me if you have an account!

Google Plus

+droppedcoin has 4 followers. I regularly post to G+ but it is a gaping chasm of nothingness. I only do so to help with SEO!




  • Google Adsense earnings: $1.17

Affiliate Links

  • Affiliate link earnings: $0.51

Direct Advertising

  • None at present!

Mailing List

Much of the prevailing internet wisdom tells me that I must build my mailing list!


  1. Man loving the updates here and the transparency, thanks for sharing and looking forward to watching and helping you grow your brand

    Keep up the value you’re adding :)!
    Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before although there isn’t a subscribe to follow up comments box, I like to read when people have replied to comments and this would be great!

    • Thanks chief!
      I had installed the Comments Reloaded plugin after you mentioned it but I recently disabled it as somebody reported that they were unable to comment on my blog. But after I disabled it, they still couldn’t…!! So I have now enabled it again!!!


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